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Wanda Hartzenberg 8:10am Nov 12
Armageddon Cometh (Species Intervention # 6609) Book Three by J K J Kelly Accinni I did the one thing I never do, read one book in a series directly after the other. Ok, so sometimes I do it, but I prefer not to. But in this case, I had to. Echo and her dog, Abbey and her love Political strife, human depravity and animals and the environment suffering, I had to know how it ends. But it is only the third book in the series. It is amazing that an author can manage so many layers within one story. This book is a paranormal story. It is a socio political commentary. It is a love story It is a story about aliens It is a book that one and all must read. I am sure everybody will find something in this book that they absolutely adore, If it happens to be Echo, well then you are in good company.

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