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In my exhaustive and sometimes frustrating efforts to master the ever changing realm of becoming a master (please don’t choke) ebook marketeer, I discovered an amazing source. It is called Author Marketing Club. It is a comprehensive tutorial that needs to be on your favorites list. I myself signed up for one month of advertising  for one of my books for $25.00. That is money well spent. My book is featured on their site in an easy to find location and I will renew it for the length of time it is enrolled in KDP select. I just wish I had known of this site earlier. It would have been a great match for my 5 day giveaway that you may have seen. But, just in case you didn’t….

 Free….Free….Free……..(Ends Thursday 10/18/2012 at midnight)

 A story that is deeper and darker than E.T. Read it now!!!

Leave an honest review on Amazon and be entered in a drawing to win a $150.00 Amazon gift certificate. Leave the review in your name, then email me at  to be entered. Contest ends Novermber 15, 2012. Winner will be contacted by email on November 16, 2012. Good luck!

  (PS.The book is very well edited with excellent grammar and beautiful vocabulary.) 

.Some of the topics covered in the Author Marketing Club are:

* Amazon tips and tricks….105 topics….705 posts

*Author tag exchange

*Book exchange for reviews

*How to get Amazon book reviews (very comprehensive and technical)

*Join their goodreads group (Great for those who are having trouble with Goodreads user   unfriendly site)

*Book marketing training

*Get your book featured

*Special section for book trailers

*Even an Erotica author discussion board

Hope you find this source as wonderful as I did.  Special Note ***2 week advance planning required for promotions and other special posting!!!  Book Marketing & Selling Tips  for Authors

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